Nail Services

Acrylics £35

Sturdy nail extensions, they typically last between 2-3 weeks and are for clients wanting a longer nail look.

BIAB £28

A thick gel that is applied to the natural nail (these are not extensions), perfect for clients looking to grow natural nails who need extra strength

Gel on Natural Nails £20

Gel is a gel based nail polish (this doesn't extend or strengthen nails) , this service is perfect for those wanting a fast drying, chip resistant smooth natural manicure

IBX treatment £15

IBX is a two part nail system that repairs nail damage by penetrating the nail plate. It can assist with nail grow, nail splitting and can be used under gel on natural nails or BIAB. It can also be used after a removal when going back to your natural nails.

Nail art

PLEASE SEND INSPO PICS TO @taylasdream INSTA BEFORE BOOKING or visit the contact page

Classic (15 mins and under)

Simple nail art, dots/lines/a pattern on a couple of feature nails

Aspiring (15-30 mins)

French tip, simple designs/ dots/lines/patterns on every nail

Couture (30mins-1 hour)

Detailed designs/ diamonds/multiple nails with freehand nail art

Bespoke (1 hour +)

Freehand painted character portraits/ designer patterns/logos/extreme nail trends.

Removals and extras

Please book removals if you have existing products such as gel/BIAB/Acrylic on your nails as this is not included in the base services)

Gel removal -£5 (if booking in Gel on natural nails ) £8 for removal with no extra service

BIAB Removal -£10

Acrylic Removal -£10

Nail fix -£3 per nail (free if reported in 5 days of service)

Extreme length acrylics -£10 (on top of base service)

Diamonds -£1 each /£5 for 10